LINX 5900 Series CIJ Inkjet Printers.

LINX 5900 Series CIJ Inkjet Printers.

The Linx 5900 continuous inkjet laser coder is designed to grow as your business requirements grow. Great for your current inkjet coding/marking needs, it comes with optional upgrade features so you can enhance production line integration and message control as and when you need it..

The Linx 5900 series continuous industrial inkjet printer is excellent for use in printing lot codes, date codes, time data, and text onto plastic or glass bottles in many types of industrial environments. It is truly an industrial printing machine which offers advanced coding capabilities, excellent print quality and machine reliability all in one package. Its cost saving and modular features make it an industrial inkjet printer (Coder) that will help reduce your operational costs while maintaining the ability to grow with your business.

Top Features and Benefits 5900 Linx

img    Flexible printing: You can easily increase/decrease print speeds to meet changing your needs, and there’s a broad range of inks that can print on a wide variety of substrates.

img    Easy to use: Single button start and shutdown, simple menu-driven user interface and full-size QWERTY keyboard. Operators can easily create or quickly edit messages during printing, following the prompted coding fields. Up to 1,000 messages can be stored (standard).

img    Reduce errors: SureFill® mistake-proof refill system reduces errors, downtime and the risk of using incorrect fluids.

img    Maximum durability: Built with IP55 rating and robust stainless steel enclosure.

img    Low running costs: Predictable maintenance scheduling and service intervals of up to 6,000 hours. And because there are fewer parts to change during services than other printers and less print-head maintenance, you can enjoy lower annual maintenance costs.

img    Minimal downtime: Adjustment-free print-head, no exposed wires and minimal maintenance all result in less downtime. The FullFlush® self-cleaning technology keeps the print-head clean, and the production line moving without stoppages.

img    Complete integration: Manufacturers can improve integration across production lines by connecting and controlling several printers from a PC, using parallel I/O and Ethernet connectivity. The Linx 5900 printer can also be easily networked into Matthews’ iDSnet software.

img    Added safety and protection: Password-protected functions for added levels of safety, USB port for copying and backing up message and printer settings, and saving remote field data over a power cycle

img    AAuto power-off and automatic diagnostics

Linx 5900 Continous Inkjet Printer Features

img    Get 3-line coding, USB message sharing and store up to 1,000 messages as standard

img    Increase your print speeds as your production requirements change

img    Message control with the Linx Insight® upgrade for remote monitoring from your smartphone or PC

img    Add quick and accurate code changes with a barcode scanner and Linx QuickSwitch® technology